Weekly Summaries

My Photobook

I had such a good experience compiling all of my best work from the last few months. I made a book the shows my style and my favorite work. Most of this work comes from my trip to Bannack Ghost Town. This is my first photobook, but I don’t think it’ll be my last. I […]

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Up Close and Personal

I was learning the power in macro photography this time! I had to borrow a different camera in order to get these shots however. I don’t have a powerful enough lens for my FujiFilm XT3 yet. After doing these shots though, I really do want to buy a lens that can get these close shots, […]

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Creativity Time

The trip to Bannack was cold and busy! These two factors had a lot to do with how creative and active I could be in photography. I know my creative juices were “frozen” and I was a little stumped as to how and what I would do for these creative photos. I was able to […]

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A College Collage

This is probably the first college I’ve made since I was in elementary school. And yes, it was just as fun now as it was back then. This was a fun experiment that I would love to try again! It was interesting trying to come up with something that was interesting enough to have many […]

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