Exploring Depth of Field

This week was all about depth of field and aperture. I learned a lot from this experiment including a way to remember what a narrow vs wide aperture does to the picture. The way I was taught to remember uses a metaphor of a garden hose. Image a garden hose with or without a nozzle. The one without a nozzle on it will spit water out but it won’t go very far in relation to the hose. If that same hose then gets a nozzle on the end, the water will have more pressure as it comes out and will spit out a lot farther than before. Now compare this to the aperture on your camera lens. The wider it is open the smaller the depth of field or focus will be, if the aperture is smaller the depth of field will be larger.

These photos above are examples of a shallow depth of field. They show the subject in focus while everything else in the frame is blurry. This helps bring your eye to what is important in the frame.

The picture above are an example of deeper depth of field. These show more of the picture in focus. This helps when you are trying to show both what’s in the foreground and what’s in the background.

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