Ways to Use Shutter Speed

I am quickly learning that I don’t have the greatest grasp of exposure as I originally thought I did. When taking these photos I had to increase the exposure a lot in order to make the pictures look bright enough.

Lens Cap; 01/22/19; 7pm; MC building- Rexburg, Idaho; FL: 28.9; f/3.2; 1/800

This was my first attempt at doing a fast shutter speed to freeze movement. It wasn’t very artsy, but it was a good way for me to get ahold of my settings.

Spray; 01/22/19; 8pm; MC building- Rexburg, Idaho; FL: 23.3; f/4.5; 1/12800

This was a lot harder to do. I didn’t realize that water coming out of a spray bottle was moving so fast! I had to turn up my shutter speed so high that I was using an electronic shutter instead of a normal one! I even had to spray the water a little lighter so that it didn’t come out as fast.

Taylor; 01/22/19; 8:30pm; MC building- Rexburg, Idaho; FL: 34.3; f/8; 8 sec

I wanted to get a good long exposure of the stars, but sadly the sky was full of clouds! So I decided to take a shot of the lights around the Taylor building on BYU-Idaho campus instead!

Traffic; 01/22/19; 9pm; MC building- Rexburg, Idaho; FL: 18.8; f/20; 13 sec

I am the most proud of this shot! But honestly I think I just got lucky with the amount of cars that decided to drive by at this time… I like the trails of like that the cars leave behind on this photo, it makes the town look a bit busy than it actually is in the evening.

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