The Battle of the Genders…

One of the most well-known and often used debates is which gender (male and female) is more complicated or harder to understand. I had the opportunity to debate this subject in my Professional Presentations class. Here is all the preparation my group went through to get ready for the debate.


Re-define complicated:


  1. Men are more complicated because (example Noodle brain vs Box brain) first off both genders are wired differently making it difficult to understand each other. We will never be able to fully understand the opposite sex because we are, think, and act so differently.
  2. Society has molded men to think and believe that they need to be a certain way, and on top of that understand women, thus making it difficult for them to date.
  3. Communication between a man and woman is completely different.


  1. dating: Men have a hard time with dating because A. Men don’t have a plan and B. Men have ulterior motives.


-Men have ulterior motives than women

-Men don’t have a plan or do not make it known. (women think ahead with dating and the whole experience and where that “relationship” whereas men simply ask a girl on a date without thinking so far ahead)Because of this they don’t even know what their plan is. Sometimes in the rough cold winters of Rexburg, they just need a cuddle buddy, so they find one (thank you Mutual) but they do not realize at the time the purpose of finding this girl. Men need time to think about what it is they want or why it is they are doing something making it complicated to understand them and their wants.


  1. Emotions: Men are taught to hide certain and all emotions therefore making it difficult for them to identify their emotions to a certain situation / circumstance. Noodle brain vs. Box brain.


  1. Communication and society: wonderful members of the jury men? Guys lets be real. If you are thinking you are not complicated that is the inner pride kicking in. we all have it. That desire to not be beat by a girl, or to finish all of the big meal you order. A man has so much pressure on him. The social norms force him to not do certain things like cry and show emotion. At the same time the world is telling us that men are not important. That women can do everything we can. If the world is telling us we need to not be so manly but, society is telling us we can’t be emotional then what can we even be! This adds a huge level of complication for guys because they are being forced into being someone they are not.


Men need to be in control:


Two minute opening statement by first group.

Two minute opening statement by second group.

Five Minute first argument by first group

Five Minute first/counter argument by second group.

Five Minute second argument/rebuttal by first group

Five Minute second argument/rebuttal by second group

Five Minute third argument by second group

Five Minute third argument/counter by first group

Two Minute closing statement by second group

Two Minute closing statement by first group


Items to hand in to Brother Haacke:

  1. Sources: For everything you use, including photos, videos, and any statistics
  2. Note Cards: Include any debate-day notes
  3. Outline of Argument: You will turn in a final draft of your argument. Go into detail of each section of the debate, including opening argument, counter arguments, and closing argument. Include everything you will say or show.
  4. Visual Aid: Visual aids are not required in your debate but could be very helpful. This does not have to be a PowerPoint. But it should enhance and not distract from that argument.
  5. Group Summary: Turn in a short and brief summary of what exactly you’ll be debating for the bailiff to read before you begin your debate.  Your summary is due before the debates start.


  • Your argument should be pretty solid, but be ready to adapt and change based on what your opponents say on the day of the debate.
  • Your closing argument is essential.  This is your last chance to restate your main ideas and convince the jury that you are right.  You should not bring up any new material in at this point, but rather solidify your stance.  
  • You opponent is not the target audience.  You want to prepare for what they may bring up, but you are speaking to the jury.  
  • The jury will vote on which team had the best argument and which had the best presentation. It is your goal to win both categories. Winners will be paid accordingly.

Your outline must be uploaded onto your blog by MIDNIGHT the day you give your speech. A link to your blog should be uploaded onto the website.


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