My Strangely Familiar Speech…

In my Professional Presentations class I was challenged to give a very difficult speech called a “familiar as strange” speech. This is when you take something that is well known and make it something that is bizarre. When I began thinking about what mine would be about I knew I wanted to talk about how weird breakfast foods are. I started writing up drafts and beginnings of my speech but every-time I would look at it, I ended up hating the flow and I started over many times in order to get it right.

Eventually I found a good opening and flow to my speech. And I ran with the idea. I have been practicing it for a while now and plan to meet with a coach to help me get it down more solid for my presentation next week.

I still worry that the version I ended up keeping might be a bit over the top or graphic in some way, but overall I really like it!


Here is my finished script:

I am a person of routine. I like to have an organized and well thought out life. I know not everyone is like me, not everyone does the same thing every day. Not everyone wakes up and knows exactly what they’re going to do. Now since you might not understand what this kind of lifestyle is like, I’ll go ahead and enlighten you!

The first routine is always the most important. Make sure you make time in the morning! I start off  my day with an epidermis cleanse by prepping my body with a disinfecting scrub and rinsing it off with a warm liquid. It is very important to be squeaky clean after all. Next, I grind a synthetic polymer stick against the blade of my food processor to clean the parts that my epidermis cleanse could not reach. After than I take a heat gun to my head to make sure the dead cells protruding out of my scalp wont crinkle in a strange pattern.

Once I am fully clean and my dead cells have been attended to, I move onto putting energy into my body for that day. I usually like consume dried and compacted plant matter with animal secretions. But my house-mate does not follow my very well organized and thought out routine. Today she took an unborn child from another species and beat it until it was unrecognizable and poured the liquid into a container suspended over flames. She consumed this alongside the skinnings of an artificially fattened hooved beast. What a primitive and unstructured individual. 

After I am done consuming my energy, my morning routine is finished and the next phase of my day can begin.


Here are the scripts I started with and ended up scrapping:


Growing up in Idaho as a Mormon, I knew I was a bit sheltered and was kept away from many things that the “outside world” would consider “normal,” but I thought I wasn’t too badly sheltered. I have to say there was nothing that could have prepared me for what I experienced when I first moved out of my parents’ house and into my first housing complex on BYU-Idaho’s campus.

It was my first morning at college, I was bubbly and excited, and honestly a bit tired from the restless sleep I got that night. I got out of bed and started heading down the hall to the kitchen. Halfway there I started smelling something, something that I had never experienced…


Food is good. It is good for you. It is good for group get-togethers. It is good when you’re sad. It is good when you’re happy. Food is good…


Fuel. Fuel comes in many forms and many species get their fuel in many different ways…

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