Preparing for my (mock) Interview

In my Professional Presentations class we get the opportunity to do a mock interview and within that interview we need to share 30 seconds about ourselves. Something that is defining and outstanding. I made many notes on how I would approach this interview and the 30 second story about myself, and in the end I feel very confident in my abilities to have an interview with someone.

Below are all the notes I took to prepare for this:

Me in 30:

  • Important information in 30 seconds
    • Elevator speech
  • 20 minute Interview with Brother Haacke
  • You need to let your audience know where you’re going and what you’re getting at
  • Pitch yourself in a way that you have little to no red flags about you.
  • What’s the benefit
    • “You” language
      • Make them the hero
      • Don’t be accusatory
    • Tie to emotion
      • Emotional things go to the memory bank for a long time
      • Memories are tied to emotions
      • Tie yourself to a positive emotion
    • What can you give them that they can’t refuse?


  • Integrity, Trustworthy
    • I am put in charge of a lot where I work now. I have to remember many different projects and clients. I make sure to keep my clients informed and my creators active.
  • Down to earth
    • I think logistically, when is it going to happen? What will we do? How do we do this? I make sure all the questions are answered.
  • Natural Leader, Easy follower
    • I got hired right out of high school and within a year I learned how to Technical direct for live productions. Within 18 months I was promoted to the Line Producer for the video department. And before I’m graduated, I plan to become the first student to direct a Devotional here at school.
  • Hard worker
    • (^same as above^)
  • Innovative, See a problem – find a way to fix it.
    • It’s hard to manage how much equipment we use at AV & Broadcast Productions and we needed a new system. I put together a new workflow and signoff sheet for all the equipment we have to help coordinate everything and everyone so that they know where everything is at.
  • Experienced


  • Friendly, Outgoing
    • I want to help bring people together as a team. The great we all trust each other, the better we work together, and the better we work together the better product we make.


Me in 30 rough draft:

I am 20 years old and I’m currently the Line Producer for the Company AV & Broadcast Productions. I was hired right out of high school and within 18 months, I was promoted to my position now. I coordinate with many clients and coworkers to help make sure we deliver our videos on time and to the standards that our clients need. I am easy to get along with, but you would never have a problem with me putting coworkers over final products. I know how to be stern when it’s needed for projects to be completed efficiently and to your standards.


  • Try to get to know your interviewer as best as you can before you go to the interview.


I also went to the Presentation Preparation Center for some feedback. They were very helpful and helped me realize many thing I never thought about in an interview setting. IMG_1584.JPG

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