The ad that changed Photoshop for me…

By: Amber Romriell

For many years in my life, I thought photoshop was an easy and in a way childish. I had many friends who would use it to make crazy and weird pictures that they would send to others and they made it look easy and simple. Oh, boy was I wrong.

I had to go through quite the learning curve in order to understand Photoshop the way I do now. Though I’m nowhere near the level of a master in photoshop, I do have a much better understanding of the application because of the project I did as part of the class I’m in.

For Who?

In the project, we needed to make two related ads that sold the same thing but were targeted on a different platform. For example, static TV ads, Website or Blog Ads, Full page or half page Magazine Ads, and Facebook Ads. When I randomly generated what my advertisement would be selling and who I would be selling it to, I was given:

Both males and females, ages 18-24, who are single and have a bachelors degree or less. I am trying to sell them a wooden spoon and I chose to sell them wooden spoons made by Crate and Barrel. I also have to sell them these things through the smallest medium, the Web/Blog and Facebook Ads.

What I did.

Now, I wish these had turned out better, but here are my finished versions.


I was trying to portray the idea of what cooking in college is like. I remember when I first started college my roommates and I would comment on how much we wished we could have our mothers cook for us again. I wanted to poke fun at this and tell potential buyers that rather than have mom cook for them, they should just cook like mom. I think this would get some chuckles or at least a little smile from some people.

Deeper Thoughts…

I wanted to keep the typography simple. I specifically wanted the main text to be different from text in the logo. The only things that really pop out in the picture are the hearts and lip prints, I wanted this to be the case because the wooden spoon adds the love that a mother gives to the food she makes.


Sure, the concept of Photoshop is simple. You take pictures and blend them together. Maybe draw some other colors on top, or take the background out of an already existing picture. Doing all of these things can be easy, but doing them right and to the level of actually making something good is very hard.

Pictures I used and didn’t make myself:


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