My Adventure in the World of Illustrator

By: Amber Romriell

Illustrator is an amazing tool to make original artwork. I had my own opportunity to learn how to use it as a beginner, and I just want to say that it is SUPER fun to use! I loved making my own original works of art with this Icon Project! I even have plans to continue using this software to make some personal projects.

What I did

When I was given this project, I was given specific guidelines to help me accomplish making a good Icon Set. To help know what to make, we needed to make different icons that each had their own message or idea. This allows each of the icons to be used for something different. The hardest part I had in this set was trying to make four different icons with different ideas or messages, but still, make them look like they go together and that they part of the same set. Finally, I set on The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

All Icons_Draft 5_Amber Romriell

I chose to make icons for the Master Sword, The Hylian Shield, Link’s Cap, and a bottle of Red Potion. I thought these were the most well known and influential parts of the game.





Here are my finished products in a 60-by-60-pixel size frame. And to show you that my design can be blown up in a bigger size, here are the same icons in a 400-by-400-pixel size as well.

For Who?

I hope these icons reach the people that will appreciate them. I suspect young adults ages 20-30 that are fans of the Legend of Zelda Franchise would enjoy these. Of those fans, those that are bigs fans of the specific game Twilight Princess would love and enjoy these even more. The subtle details in the designs, such as the stitching on the cap and the design on the bottom of the bottle will really only reach those that are super big fans of the specific game they’re designed after.

How I did it

I had a hard time when I first started designing these icons because I wanted to be really detailed, but the point of an icon is to be simple yet well made.


As I started simplifying it, it kept looking too much like the Toon Link side of the Legend of Zelda universe and I really wanted to convey that these icons are from the Twilight Princess.


I then tried to find the balance between the two and simplified it even more but taking away all the curves. I thought the best way to make a simple design but also keep the hardness that is a big part of the Twilight Princess game would be to make everything hard and pointed.


When it came to colors, I knew I wanted to use the colors straight from the original pictures in the game. But there was a little more to that than just plucking all the colors from my reference pictures. One thing that makes the Twilight Princess game so different from the rest of the franchise is its dark story and gameplay, as the title might suggest. So I wanted all the colors to be muted and dull in a way. That’s why I stayed away from bright, fun, and happy colors.

What it all means

I absolutely loved making these icons! I’m so glad I was given this opportunity to learn a new skill and put my creativity to the test. I had always thought that something as simple and small as an icon would be really easy. Boy, was I wrong…

It turns out it’s hard to take something complicated and turn it into something simple. I also realized that icons don’t have to be fun and happy, they can be muted and have a deeper meaning. I want to take what I’ve learned and apply it to future personal projects. I’ll keep these skills forever and use them to my advantage.

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