“Grateful” for what I’ve learned about magazine design…

By: Amber Romriell

I am taking an introductory class to learn how to do basic graphic design. We’ve just finished our first major project and I’ll just say that I learned more than I thought I would. I’ve also had more fun than I would have imagined while designing this magazine spread.

It was not by any means easy, and I know it’s nothing too professional or special, but I am very proud of it none-the-less.

What I learned from this project.

This was my first time using InDesign and I was able to accomplish many things. I had a pull quote, I came up with all the headings by myself, and I took both the pictures in the magazine. Of course, there are many other things I learned from and did in this project, but these were the ones I was honestly most proud of.

Who was the magazine for?

Well, obviously I was making this magazine spread for my teacher and for a grade… But besides that, I was making this to appeal to Latter Day Saints looking to improve their lives. I was thinking they would fall between the ages of 25 and 40. I was going for a lighthearted design with happy and bright colors to appeal to good people that want to be better, and specifically more grateful. Because the colors are light and soft, it would attract people that desire to be the same.

Why I did what I did…

I’ll be honest… When I first started my design it looked awful! My color scheme was horrendous, and the design was just boring. It made me think that a five-year-old made it. So I scrapped everything I was originally trying to do and went for a more simple design. Honestly, I wish I had saved my original design, but I hated it so much, I never wanted anyone to see it. I found that simple it actually better in this case. Rather than have a colored background, I when for white and put all the color into the extra pieces, like the triangles and pictures.

I also wanted to make sure readers could actually read what was on the magazine spread, so I made the fonts very simple as well. They aren’t curly, or loopy in any way because I know I have a hard time reading those fonts, so I thought other people must have the same problem.

With the pictures, I wanted to keep the theme of points and triangles like I had on the first page. So I made sure to cut our the background on my Thank-You card and put the flower in a triangle. I think that helped to tie it all together.

In the end…

I’m really happy with the end product of this magazine and I think I’ve learned a lot from this project in general. I think this will help me in the future. I don’t think I’ll go into anything design related for a career, but knowing the basics of designing something like a magazine will help me in case I want to know if something looks good or not.


Here are the original pictures that I took for this project:  


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