Words that speak louder than you think…

By: Amber Romriell

Sure, this ad for the company bloom catches your attention thanks to the GINORMOUS fork and steak piece sticking out of the billboard itself. Thanks not the only thing they put into consideration when making this advertisement.


If you take a good look at the billboard, you can notice two words popping our especially. The words “Flavor” and “bloom.”

These words are both bigger in size and bolder in thickness. This draws your eyes towards them and makes sure you know they’re the most important words.



The word flavor is in a modern font. It’s a bit subtle, but the contrast of thick to skinny lines in the letters gives it away. The thickness in the letters, also known as the stress, is vertical.




The words under flavor, “IS ACTUAL SIZE” are in a modern font as well. But these words aren’t bolded so they don’t stand out as much. Again, there are many reasons why this font is Modern.




The word “bloom” is in a Sans Serif font. This contrasts from the word flavor because of the lack of “stress” in the letters. It is just the same thickness all around.


This billboard is very clever. The designer definitely knew what they were doing when they designed this advertisement. The contrast in fonts gives it just the right appeal.

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