The DEAL with a Wendy’s ad

By: Amber Romriell

This is an advertisement put out by Wendy’s. It is an advertisement for their dollar menu. It is a pretty old ad, so it’s not on the website anymore. I saw it a while back and liked it, so I thought I’d use this one.




First of all, I saw the alignment of the whole advertisement. The small pictures are all on the left third whereas all the words that describe what Wendy’s is selling are in the top third. Also, all those words are aligned to the left.







The colors on this advertisement are very vibrant and easily catch your eye. In the burger they have, all the ingredients look fresh. The brightness makes potential customers excited about their food. The red strip in the left third also helps to catch the eye of consumers.





The contrast between the red strip and the rest of the background make it stand out a ton! It draws your eye to it. But the words that describe the deal are white. They don’t have enough contrast to contradict the background, so the small words tend to blend in and are hard to read.




The proximity of all the little pictures to each other shows that they are all related and that one follows the other. The burger and the words are very close to each other meaning that they are related.






In both the little pictures and the little description, they talk about and show the food that Wendy’s has for sale. Also, it talks about how you need to love your food and shows a woman eating a burger and looking really happy about it. Honestly, that’s kind of a stretch, but I couldn’t find anything else that could be categorized as repetition in this ad.



I believe this is an overall very good advertisement for what is being sold. It’s engaging and concise. The principles showed in the ad are easy to look at and aren’t distracting. I’d say, WELL DONE WENDY’S!

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