Breath of the Wild: A Week Away

As the days go by, the release date for the new Legend of Zelda Game, Breath of the Wild, comes closer and closer. The media surrounding the gaming community has blown up in anticipation.

Many companies have taken hold of the popular subject and helped to shed some light on the mystery the surrounds the new game.

IGN, a well known and highly advised company that specializes in reviews and explanations in games and shows, helped by sharing experiences that some employees had when playing the game before its release date. There are many new aspects and features added to the new game that

There are many new aspects and features added to the new game that help the player traverse the wide map that makes up Hyrule. From horses to gliders, the travel in the game is made much easier thanks to many new items.

The game also features many different ways to play the game. The player could gain all the armor they could and the best weapons in order to beat all the dungeons in order. But the player could also skip getting any good supplies and just run right in, hoping for the best.

Along with the in-game additions,  Nintendo has added some perks that involve their collectible amiibos. Many, if not all, of the legend of Zelda amiibos grant the player with different in-game perks.

Not only are new Zelda amiibo’s being added, but the old amiibo’s are also compatible with the new game and allow different help options to the player. Many allow a random addition of supplies for the player to have for their journey.

While there are many new perks and aspects added to the new game, this does not mean it’s easy. A game reporter from Polygon addressed his concerns and first impressions of the game.

The tutorial area is something that allows the new players to become aware of the new gameplay and mechanics. So when you go through and master everything in this area, you feel that you have the game mastered to an extent. But once you leave this area, you enter a whole new world. You are greeted by opponents that can slay you in one hit and that show no mercy.

You are greeted by opponents that can slay you in one hit and that show no mercy. Alongside the new enemies, you have to take care of yourself while you are questing. You need to make sure you eat and stay healthy so that you can continue adventuring and continue living.

Although you are greeted with new challenges, you are also greeted with new fun. With new mechanics and well thought out puzzles. Overall the excitement for this game is through the roof. The general public is in for a real treat when the new game becomes available.

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