Breath of the Wild: Leaving Skyrim in the Dust

I remember the first time I picked up an X-Box controller in preparation for my first experience playing Skyrim. This game was unlike any game I had previously played. The open-world aspect of the game left me breathless and confused. How on earth could a game be so detailed and high quality while still maintaining the ginormous map that makes the game what it is.

Skyrim is one of the most well-known games for its open world feel and the map that seems never ending. It allows the player to feel in charge of their own story and destiny.

Rather than following a set storyline with objectives, there is a main storyline that the player could exclusively follow, but along the way, there are many side quests that help the player excel, become stronger and do more. But the storyline is still set and you have to follow the story to get it all done.

But the storyline is still set and you have to follow the story to get it all done. The Legend of Zelda Franchise is well-known for its set timelines and inability to venture around the main story line: unless you look back far enough in the franchise.

The first game to start it all, The Legend of Zelda, was very different. In this game, the map is completely accessible from the beginning. All the dungeons are open from the beginning and can be done at any point in the game. This is the feel that the new Zelda game is going to have.

Not only will the new game be super open world and a blast from the past, but the map for the new game is phenomenally big. The only thing you can compare it to is the size of the map on Skyrim. zelda-map-compare

It’s overwhelming looking at the size of this new game. The wait will be worth the amount you’re getting.

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